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The Diploma in Human Resources Management is a program of 10 courses providing essential management foundation skills and knowledge with particular emphasis on relating practitioner principles, policies and procedures to "real world” situations.

Human resources management is a system of interrelated activities such as training and development, compensation management, and labour relations that work towards satisfying organizational goals and objectives. Typically, managers in smaller organizations are responsible for these activities in addition to their other operational responsibilities. In larger organizations, the human resources department generally has subject specialists who oversee each functional area. Whatever the size of the organization, individuals responsible for managing a group of employees should have a practical understanding of management tools and techniques to effectively utilize their most important resource – their people.

This Diploma program consists of nine courses held ON CAMPUS and your choice of one distance education elective.

Important information for those considering to enrol in the Diploma in Human Resources Management program:

  • These University level courses require a time commitment on your part. Plan on two to three hours of study time for every hour you spend in class per course.
  • It is strongly recommended you purchase the textbooks ahead of time. Texts are listed in the course descriptions. Pre-reading the first week’s topics before attending the first class will be beneficial. Any assigned readings for the first week will be provided in the confirmation emails sent prior to each course.
  • Participation is an important component of adult learning. It is expected you will attend all classes, as a great deal of learning occurs through the interaction of the participants.